The Island of The Doll(la isla de la munecas)

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Where can you find mutilated plastic children mounted on trees? La Isla de las Muñecas or Island of the Dolls in Mexico and one of the next stops on Destination Truth's crypto-tour of the world. Why dolls on trees? The man responsible didn't take this secret to his grave in 2001.

The gist of the story begins with Don Julián Santana who lived on the island for fifty years as a hermit despite having a wife and family. Shortly after arriving on the island he believed it to be haunted by a young girl who drowned while visiting the island. Some thought he fished dolls out of the canal because he was mad and was convinced they were real children. The truth is whenever he spotted a doll floating by he retrieved and placed it on a tree. Thus, appeasing the spirit and protecting himself from evil. One doll wasn't enough though. He soon turned the whole island in to a shrine dedicated to the poor young girl. He even traded home grown vegetables for old dolls to add to the collection.

Don Julián was found dead by his nephew in the very same canal the girl drowned in. Some believe there may have been foul play as Don often heard voices in the water calling to him. Beckoning him to come in. Since his passing, La Isla de las Muñecas has become one of Mexico's creepiest tourist attraction. Each doll is believed to be fueled with the paranormal energy of the girl. They supposedly move and whisper to travelers, offering an invitation to their home. Upon visiting the island, you must bring an offering of a doll, candles and hard candy to appease the spirit. But is she the only one? Some think Don Julián also haunts the property warding off visitors. I warn you not to trespass on La Isla de las Muñecas. It is private property and you need permission from Don Julián's nephew Anastasio Velasquez.
Discover La Isla de las Muñecas as hot spot for "dark tourism" enthusiasts?

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All of this picture make me laugh

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February Facts

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* Talleyrand, French statesman, born February 13, 1754.
Grant Wood, American painter, born February 13, 1891.
* Valentine's Day. February 14.
Oregon became the 33rd state to join the Union, February 14, 1859.
John Barrymore, American actor, born February 14, 1882.
Arizona became the 48th state, February 14,1912.
* Galileo, Italian astronomer and physicist, born February 15, 1564.
Inventor Cyrus McCormick born February 15, 1809.
Susan B. Anthony, American woman suffrage leader, born February 15, 1820.
Elihu Root, U.S. statesman and lawyer, born February 15, 1845.
* Henry Adams, American historian, born February 16, 1838.
* Thomas Robert Malthus, British economist, born February 17, 1766.
* Mary I, first reigning queen of England, born February 18, 1516.
John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress was licensed for publication, 1678.
Jefferson Davis took the oath as provisional President of the Confederate States of America, 1861.
Wendell Willkie, American political leader, born 1892.
San Francisco's Golden Gate International Exposition opened, 1939.
* Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus born February 19, 1473.
David Garrick, English actor, born February 19, 1717.
Thomas A. Edison patented the phonograph, February 19, 1878.
* Astronaut John H. Glenn, Jr., became first American to orbit the earth, February 20, 1962.
* Richard M. Nixon became first U.S. President to visit China, February 21, 1972.
* George Washington, first U.S. President, born in Westmoreland County, Va., February 22, 1732.
German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer born February 22, 1788.
James Russell Lowell, American poet, born February 22, 1819.
The United States acquired the Florida territory from Spain, February 22, 1819.
* Samuel Pepys, English diarist, born February 23, 1633.
English composer George Frideric Handel born February 23, 1685.
W. E. B. Du Bois, American civil rights leader, historian, and sociologist, born February 23, 1868.
Amendment 25 to the U.S. Constitution, on presidential succession, proclaimed, February 23, 1967.
* Winslow Homer, American painter, born February 24, 1836.
* Jose de San Martin, liberator of Argentina, Chile, and Peru, born February 25, 1778.
Enrico Caruso, Italian singer, born 1873.
Amendment 16 to the Constitution, authorizing the income tax, proclaimed, 1913.
President Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines resigned from office and fled the country, 1986.
* Victor Hugo, French poet and novelist, born February 26, 1802.
Napoleon escaped from island of Elba, 1815.
American frontiersman William Frederick Cody, better known as "Buffalo Bill," born 1846.
* Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, American poet, born February 27, 1807.
Marian Anderson, American singer, born February 27, 1897.
* American author Ben Hecht, born February 28, 1894.
Vincent Massey took the oath as the first Canadian-born governor general of Canada, February 28,1952.
* Marquis de Montcalm, French commander in Quebec, born February 29, 1712.
Gioacchino Antonio Rossini, Italian composer, born February 29, 1792.

Facts from World Book Millenium

some of the famous people born in February

Aaron Burr
American statesman
Aaron Hill
Lived 1685 – 1750, English poet and playwright
Abba Eban
Israeli diplomat, 1915-
Abraham Lincoln
16th President of the USA
Adlai E Stevenson
He was the grandson of Adlai Ewing Stevenson, who had been vice president
Adlai Stevenson
American Democratic politician 1900 – 65
Alain Prost
French racing driver, 1955+
Alan Bates
Film actor
Alan Parker
Director of Angel Heart
Alan Rickman
Actor, often gets the villainous parts
Alfred Adler
Austrian psychologist 1870-1937
Alfred North Whitehead
English mathematician & philosopher. Lived 1861 – 1947.
Alice Cooper
American singer
Alice Walker
American poet
Amy Lowell
American poet, 1874 – 1925
Anais Nin
Author, 1903-1977
Ansel Adams
Photographer, 1902 – 84
Anthony Burgess
English novelist
Anthony Hope
Lived 1863-1933
Ariel Sharon
Israeli Prime Minister
Arthur Schopenhauer
German philosopher. Lived 1788 – 1860
Ashton Kutcher
Famous actor, was toyboy to Demi Moore’s younger man
Audre Lord
American poet, 1934 – 92
Ayn Rand
Novelist, lived 1905 – 82
Babe Ruth
American baseball player
Barry Humphries
Drag queen Dame Edna Everage
Barry McGuigan
Irish boxer, 1961+
Ben Hecht
US mathematician, 1893 – 1964
Benicio Del Toro
Bernadette Peters
Berthold Auerbach
German novelist, 1812-82
Bertolt Brecht
German playwright
Betty Friedan
American feminist, 1921-
Bill Frist
American politician, 1952+
Bill Russell
Bob Marley
Famous musician, 1945+
Bobby Riggs
US tennis player, 1918 – 95
Bobby Robson
Footballer, turned manager, famously of England and Newcastle. Well known for his gaffes!
Boris Pasternak
Russian novelist and poet
Boris Yeltsin
Russian statesman, 1931+
Brandon Lee
Actor and athlete
Brandy Norwood
Brendan Behan
Irish playwright 1923-64
Burt Reynolds
Byron Nelson
US golfer, 1912+
Carlo Goldoni
Italian writer, 1707 – 93
Carly Patterson
Winner of a gymnastics gold at the Olympics Athens 2004
Carrot Top
American comedian, 1967+
Cathy Freeman
Popular Australian athlete
Charles Barkley
Basketball player
Charles Darwin
Scientist, famous for the Theory Of Evolution
Charles Dickens
Very famous English author, 1812 – 1870
Charles Lamb
English essayist, 1775-1834
Charles Lindbergh
US aviator, 1902-74
Charlotte Church
The voice of an angel, who began singing professionally when she was about 12 years old
Chris Farley
Chris Rock
American comedian, who has starred in several movies. 1966+
Christie Brinkley
Model who was married to Billy Joel
Christina Ricci
Christopher Marlowe
English playwright and poet 1564-93
Cindy Crawford
One of the original supermodels
Clare Short
Outspoken British politician, respected by some disliked by others, 1946+
Clark Gable
From the movie ‘Gone With The Wind’
Cybill Shepherd
Actress, model and producer from the USA
Dan Quayle
An American Vice-President, 1947+
David Brenner
US writer
David Garrick
English actor 1717-79
David Jason
As Del Boy in Only Fools and Horses
David Sarnoff
American inventor, 1891-1971
Dean Rusk
US Politician
Denise Richards
Drew Barrymore
One of the stars of the remake of film Charlies Angels among countless others
Eddie Izzard
Edna St Vincent Millay
American poet, 1892-1950
Elizabeth Taylor
Actress who was born in 1932 and began her career at a young age
Ellen Terry
British actress
Eric Lindros
Hockey player
Erma Bombeck
American Journalist, 1927 – 1996
Ernest Renan
French philosopher
Ernest Shackleton
Antarctic Explorer. 1874 – 1922
Ernst Mach
1838 – 1916, physicist
Eva Gabor
Galileo Galilei
Scientist who was punished for his claims that the earth revolves
Garth Brooks
Gay Talese
Writer and journalist renowned for reporting the “unreportable”
George Ade
American playwright
George F Kennan
American diplomat
George Harrison
British rock musician
George Jean Nathan
Us writer and theatre critic
George Meredith
English novelist 1828-1909
George Mikes
Hungarian born writer
George Washington
Famous American politician
George William Curtis
American author, 1824 – 92
Georges Bernanos
French novelist and essayist, 1888 – 1948
Georges Simenon
Belgian novelist
Gertrude Stein
Early twentieth century author and legend
Gioacchino Rossini
Italian Composer
Gloria Vanderbilt
Infamous heiress
Gordon Brown
The man who was Chancellor of Great Britain for ten years but always wanted to be Prime Minister. And he became Prime Minister on 27th June 2007. Yes, pinch yourself hard but you won’t wake up – Gordon Brown aka the Clunking Fist, the man who destroyed all Brit’s pensions (outside the public sector at least) and has been described as ‘unelectable’ by many became Prime Minister… without an election. A new government, with new priorities…
Greg Norman
Golfer, the Great White Shark
Hank Aaron
1934+ Baseball player
Hannah More
English writer of tracts
Havelock Ellis
English sexologist, 1859-1939
Henry Reed
English poet and playwright, 1914-86
Herb Elliott
Australian athlete
Holly Hunter
US actress
Horace Greeley
Editor of the New York Tribune
Israel Zangwill
Jewish spokesman and writer 1864-1926
Jack Benny
American comedian, 1894 – 1974
Jack Lemmon
US film actor, 1925 – 2001
Jacques Prevert
French poet
James Dean
James Goldsmith
Rich businessman who was involved in Microsoft
James Joyce
Famous writer, lived 1882 – 1941
James Russell Lowell
Author, 1819-1891
Jane Seymour
Janice Dickinson
Jennifer Aniston
Think Friends and Brad Pitt
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Actress, star of ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ movies
Jeremy Bentham
Philosopher, 1748 – 1832
Jeri Ryan
Actress, of Startrek fame
Jilly Cooper
British writer of easy-read novels
Jimmy Greaves
Ex-football player
John Foster Dulles
John Grisham
John Henry Newman
English theologian, 1801-90
John McEnroe
Fiery tennis player turned commentator
John Rawls
Philosopher, 1921 – 2002
John Ruskin
English art critic 1819-1900
John Steinbeck
American author
John Travolta
Actor who is most renowned for his role in the movie Grease alongside Olivia Newton-John
Johnny Cash
American Musician, 1932 – 2003
Joseph Banks
Botanist, 1743 – 1820
Jules Renard
French novelist
Kevin Keegan
Footballer turned Manager/Coach
King Vidor
American film director
Kristin Davis
Kurt Cobain
American lead singer of Nirvana, 1967 – 1994
Lana Turner
Succesful actress who starred in films from 1937-1976
Langston Hughes
US poet, 1902 – 67
Larry Gelbart
TV producer, 1928+
Laura Dern
Laura Linney
Lawrence Taylor
Athlete, born 1959
Leo Szilard
American scientist, 1898-1964
Les Dawson
Leslie Nielsen
Comic actor
Linus Pauling
US chemist, 1901 – 94
Lisa Marie Presley
Daughter of Elvis, and ex-wife of Michael Jackson. An interesting mix! 1968+
Lleyton Hewitt
Australian tennis player
Louis Kahn
American architect, 1901-74
Louis Nizer
American lawyer, 1902 – 1994
Marcel Pagnol
French playwright
Margaret Truman
American novelist, 1924+
Margot Asquith
Marian Anderson
Mario Andretti
Mark Spitz
Successful athlete, one of the best swimmers ever, 1950+
Martin Buber
Austrian Zionist
Matt Groening
Cartoonist and creator of The Simpsons
Mena Suvari
Cute and talented American actress, 1979+
Mia Farrow
Michael Bloomberg
Owner of a TV station and a New York mayor
Michael Chang
Tennis player, 1972+
Michael Dell
Founder and CEO of Dell Computers, 1965+
Michael Jordan
Basketball player
Michael Vartan
Muriel Spark
British novelist 1918-
Natalie Imbruglia
Aussie singer, ex-Neighbours
Nick Nolte
US actor, 1941+
Norman Wisdom
English actor
Octave Mirbeau
(1848-1917) an anarchist and radical journalist
Oliver Reed
Prolific actor, 1938+
Paris Hilton
Wafer thin model, who has received much unwanted publicity due to videos of her and a former boyfriend which have been released onto the Internet. Super-rich – member of the Hilton family which owns the worldwide hotel chain
Peter De Vries
American writer
Peter Fonda
American actor, 1939+
Ralph Nader
American consumer protectionist
Raymond Queneau
French author, 1903 – 76
Rene Russo
Starred in “The Thomas Crown Affair”, “Lethal Weapon 4″…
Robbie Williams
Formerly of early 90s boy band ‘Take That’, now enjoying massive success as a solo artist with many smash hits including ‘Angels’
Robert Altman
Celebrity photographer
Robert Burton
English scholar
Robert Jackson
Ex-Tory MP
Robert Wagner
Roger Scruton
Ronald Knox
English writer and Roman Catholic priest, 1888-1957
Ronald Reagan
Ex-American President
S J Perelman
American humorist
Sacha Guitry
Russian writer and director
Samuel Lover
Irish writer
Samuel Pepys
English diarist
Sean Astin
Seth Green
One of the latest Latin Americans to follow J-Lo in making Latino popular
Sharon Stone
Film star most famous for her role in Basic Instinct.
Sherilyn Fenn
Sheryl Crow
Simon Pegg
British comedian
Simone Weil
Sinclair Lewis
American novelist, 1885 – 1951
Sparky Anderson
Coach, 1934+
Stella Adler
Stephen Potter
British writer 1900-69
Steve Jobs
Founder of Apple Computers
Sven Goran Eriksson
English football coach
Tea Leoni
Wife of David Duchovny of “The X-Files”
Ted Koppel
Terry Jones
British comedian – Monty Python
Theodore Sturgeon
Thomas J Watson
Scientist, 1874 – 1956
Tom Brokaw
US journalist, 1940+
Tony Randall
American actor, 1920 – 2004
Tony Robbins
Motivational speaker
Valeria Mazza
Victor Hugo
W H Auden
English poet and dramatist
Walter Bagehot
Lived 1826 – 1877, English economist and essayist
Wilfred Grenfell
English physician, 1865-1940
William Congreve
English playwright 1670-1729
William Henry Harrison
American president, 1773-1841
Yasser Arafat
Palestinian president
Yevgeny Zamyatin
Russian writer, 1884-1937
Yoko Ono
Wife of John Lennon
Zachary Scott
Born February 24, 1914, actor
Zhang Ziyi
Sexy star of Crouching Tiger
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Hungarian born actress married nine times!

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What happen to Egypt!!

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How Egypt Turned Off the InternetYesterday, something unprecedented happened: Egypt turned off the internet. A nation of 80,000,000 instantly disconnected. So how'd they do it?
Phone Calls

There was no giant lever or big red button involved, but in reality it was almost as easy: the Egyptian Government simply issued an order for ISPs to shut down service.

"Under Egyptian legislation the authorities have the right to issue such an order and we are obliged to comply with it," Vodafone Egypt explained in a statement shortly after. Along with Vodafone, Egypt's other three major ISPs, Link Egypt, Telecom Egypt, and Etisalat Misr, all stopped service. Jim Cowie, the co-founder and CTO of internet monitoring firm Renesys, told the WSJ:

What is most likely is that somebody in the government gives a phone call to a small number of people and says, ‘Turn it off.' And then one engineer at each service provider logs into the equipment and changes the configuration of how traffic should flow.

It was likely as easy as that.

Renesys saw the effects immediately. Some 3,500 Border Gateway Protocol or BGP routes—the places where networks connect and announce which IP addresses they are responsible for—disappeared in an instant:

At 22:34 UTC (00:34am local time), Renesys observed the virtually simultaneous withdrawal of all routes to Egyptian networks in the Internet's global routing table. Approximately 3,500 individual BGP routes were withdrawn, leaving no valid paths by which the rest of the world could continue to exchange Internet traffic with Egypt's service providers. Virtually all of Egypt's Internet addresses are now unreachable, worldwide.

How Egypt Turned Off the Internet

But Stéphane Bortzmeyer, an IP communications whiz, surmised that Egypt pulled the plug on the net literally: "BGP is the symptom, not the cause. The cables have simply been unplugged."

Withdrawing BGP routes (or just unplugging cables) is a much more effective way of blocking the internet than, say, turning off DNS, in which case users could use DNS from overseas to access the internet. Compared to Tunisia, where certain BGP routes were blocked, or Iran, where internet connections were simply throttled, Egypt's disconnection is a severe one.
Disconnected (Almost)

As of last night, Renesys estimated that 93% of Egyptian's networks were unreachable, with only one service provider, the Noor Group, still serving its customers. It's unclear why they're the only ones who didn't get turned off, though some are speculating that its role as service provider for the Egyptian Stock Exchange is what's keeping it online.

Reports from Egypt suggest that citizens may be able to use dial-up to access the internet, and LifeHacker has the nitty gritty on how to do it. It's not going to be fast, but it seems like for a vast majority of the Egyptians, it might be the only option. [Renesys, DomainIncite]

this article was taken from gizmodo.com

Hosni Mubarak « Coretanpinggir

Mesir Membara, Kantor Partai Berkuasa Dibakar « Krishna Balagita..

Hosni Mubarak « Coretanpinggir

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owh food...how i can be a healthy????

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Vegetables? Tofu? Wholemeal bread? What we all need now is a profile test to determine what we need to improve. Thank you, #NestleProfiler!

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